UFO Organic Vegan Burger Sauce
UFO Organic Vegan Burger Sauce


UFO Organic Vegan Burger Sauce

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  • ULTIMATE SECRET SAUCE - Our 100% organic ‘Impossibly Awesome UFO Secret Sauce’ will knock your socks off from Impossible to Beyond! Made with a combination of our ultra healthy oat milk based Bionnaise vegan mayo, hot Dijon Mustard and double concentrate tomato paste with a dash of cayenne and a smidge of sweet dates, this plant based secret sauce is chock full of superfoods, protein, healthy fat and nutrition.
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - Premium, natural, USDA certified Organic. Vegan, Plant Based, Non GMO, Soy free + gluten free. Finally a truly healthy topping for your plant based and regular burgers!
  • MULTIPURPOSE CONDIMENT - A delicious condiment, burger spread or dipping sauce, our Organic Vegan UFO has a bold, rich tanginess that is deeply umami and slightly spicy, with a touch of sweetness that will take any burger, sandwich, wrap or cheese plate to the next level. Actually, it tastes great on pretty much anything!
  • MULTIPURPOSE CONDIMENT - Add a depth of flavor to your favorite food items with our vegan gluten-free sauce! This tasty condiment can be used for dressing your burger, salad, sandwiches, noodles, pasta, and any other food items of your choice. It also turns to be a great dip to your snacks!