Organic Tomato Paste Tube
Organic Tomato Paste Tube


Organic Tomato Paste Tube

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  • SMART ORGANIC TOMATO PASTE - 100% organic Italian sunshine in a tube. Brimming with all that famous tomato goodness, our delicious, double concentrated tomato paste is as clean label as it gets. The ultimate pure tomato concentrate for all your tomato based recipes.
  • NATURAL TOMATO PASTE BENEFITS - Premium, natural, USDA certified Organic. Vegan, Non GMO, Soy free + gluten free. No sugar, no salt, no flavorings, no artificial colors
  • ORGANIC, PLANT-BASED TOMATO PASTE - Organic sun ripened Italian tomatoes. A classic pantry staple. Great for all dishes, particularly: Stir fries, curries, Bolognese, lasagna, soups and ratatouille. Amazing on a burger or applied liberally in a sandwich.
  • ITALIAN DOUBLE CONCENTRATE TOMATO PASTE - Tomatoes grown in Italy from a co-operative of organic farms. Our paste is a good source of the antioxidant lycopene, noted for promoting skin health and heart health as well as protecting against sunburns and some kinds of cancer.