Mustard Hot Dijon Organic
Mustard Hot Dijon Organic


Mustard Hot Dijon Organic

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  • VEGAN HOT MUSTARD - Our 100% organic Hot Dijon Mustard is based on the original recipe much loved by Louis XI of France who kept a pot with him at all times.
  • ORGANIC HOT DIJON MUSTARD - Premium, natural, USDA certified Organic. Vegan, Non GMO, Soy free + gluten free.
  • SMOOTH CREAMY HOT DIJON - With its smooth, creamy texture + spicy bite our exceptional dijon style mustard is fantastic as a sandwich spread and perfect to dip your fries, for marinades, salad dressings and so many tasty recipes.
  • CLEAN LABEL - Just Mustard, vinegar, water and sea salt. This classic pantry staple is possibly the best hot Dijon Mustard in the world!