Smoked Organic Harissa
Smoked Organic Harissa


Smoked Organic Harissa

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  • VERSION 2.0 of ENTUBE'S AWARD WINNING HARISSA - Our lovely, 100% Organic, hot + smokey variation of our SOFI award winning Entube Harissa is fully vegan, spicy and delicious Brimming with superfood cayenne, cumin, oregano, turmeric and more each and every ingredient is good for your mind and body.
  • CLEAN LABEL ORGANIC HARISSA - Premium, natural, USDA certified Organic. Vegan, Plant Based, Non GMO, Sugar, Soy + gluten free.
  • HARISSA RECIPES - Our delicious smokey harissa chili paste will spice up anything you squeeze it on from a burger, sandwich or wrap to a stew, soup or sauce. Great on toast, pasta and roasted veggies. Keep it right next to your salt and pepper because thats how much you’ll use it. Also handy at the grill, on a picnic and camping. Seriously - tastes great on everything!
  • DELICIOUS CONDIMENT - Alongside any dish or as an addition to any sandwich this smokey, spicy chili paste will make your food taste really amazing. Use it as a replacement for any hot sauce, including Sriracha and all your chili based sauces.