Bionnaise Original Organic Vegan Mayonaise
Bionnaise Original Organic Vegan Mayonaise


Bionnaise Original Organic Vegan Mayonaise

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  • PLANT BASED MAYO - We aren’t in the habit of tooting our own horn, but our 100% organic oat based vegan mayonnaise is hands down the best tasting mayo on the planet. Packed with superfoods and proteins, vegan mayo has never been so healthy or tasty.
  • CLEAN LABEL - Premium, natural, USDA certified Organic, Vegan, Non GMO, Soy free + gluten free. No Canola oil, No Eggs, No Lactose, No Nasties!
  • WORLDS MOST LOVED CONDIMENT - Smooth, rich and creamy just as mayo should be, our plant based Bionaise is the first ever oat milk based mayo. Made with oil from the majestic Sunflower it has all the qualities you look for and love in a mayonaise. Vegan tested and omnivore approved, spread it on everything.
  • WORLDS FIRST OAT BASED MAYO - What no eggs? We challenge you to the taste test of our classic pantry staple. Most people agree that this is the best Vegan Mayo out there.